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Video Introduction Video clip of Schoolboy and Ron Thompson

Schoolboy Cleve To all purchasers, the product(s) on this website are extremely rare.
Over 50 years has passed and most of the remaining founders of the New Orleans, Louisiana Blues sound are gone. Schoolboy Cleve managed to preserve this Blues legacy. The rareness makes these products valuable. Please value what you have purchased because soon there will be "no" more. Right now on Ebay a 45 vinyl record goes for over $100 (U.S. dollars). WGLT DJ "Delta Frank Black" has been offered over a one million plus for his Blues collection. If you don't believe it, check him out at bluesblowtorch.com and online at WGLT.org.
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Al Davis' Oakland Raiders great accomplishment

Legendary Harmonica Blues Hall of Fame Inductee Schoolboy Cleve from Louisiana


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Genre: Harmonica Blues/ Rhythm and Blues/Old School Early Blues

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