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Take A Soldier To Dinner Project Information

What is the "Take A Soldier To Dinner" project?

The Take A Soldier To Dinner project supports soldiers and their families. It gives the family of soldiers a sense that somebody cares and emotional support. Take a Soldier to Dinner is a project designed to honor our soldiers who are protecting America and our freedom. We care about our military men and women.

This is how it works:

1) For family or associate who desire to treat a soldier(s) returning home from the war in Iraq and other areas: Cherrie Records Company will pay for dinner for a soldier(s) ($100 per soldier, up to 3 soldiers per family/group).

2) For family member(s) who have lost loved one(s) in the war. We extend our greatest condolence to all American soldiers for their sacrifice. We will honor their family in memory of their loved one(s). Cherrie Records Company will pay for dinner for a soldier(s) spouse or parent(s) ($100 per deceased soldier, up to 3 soldiers per family/group).

Thank you and may God Bless America,

Cherrie Records Co. and Staff

If you desire to support our efforts as a sponsor with this project, you can be a financial supporter by sending a check or money order to PO. box 40953; SF; CA.94140. Pay to the order of "Take A Soldier To Dinner Project/Cherrie Records".

Tech. Sgt. G. Russell , his wife Master Sgt. T. Russell, and children at the Olive Garden.
Thank you to the 60th AMW Public Affairs Dept.

NOTE: We select one submission per month. An honoree can only be selected once.

(Cherrie Records Co. is not a non-profit organization)


Restaurant & Establishment Owners:
To participate, display the "Take A Soldier To Dinner" FREE! flyer (click HERE for flyer)

If you would like to participate in our “Take A Soldier To Dinner" project all you need to do is..

  1. Send us a business card of the place you would like to go to dinner or submit the request by email. We will verify the establishment by calling them.
  2. Send us (name, rank, branch of service) of the Soldier(s) maximum 3 people that you would like to take to dinner and how we can contact you. Via: email, postal mail, or telephone. Please write the information on the back of the business card you send or send by email.

This completes the process!

After qualification, we certify the restaurant you have chosen. A check will be forwarded for payment within 2 to 3 days to the restaurant. You will receive a copy of the check with a letter for verification to the restaurant for your dinner. After the payment is made, make your reservation according to your availability.

We select from the submission and notify you. Every 30 days we select a soldier(s) to be honored maximum 3 honorees.

Example Business Card Submission


ABC Restaurant

123 Main St
San Francisco, CA 99999

(555) 555-1234


Name: John Doe
Rank: Sergent
Branch: Army

Mary Jane Doe

Send By Email

Send the following information by email:

Write "Take A Soldier To Dinner" as the subject

name, rank, branch of service

Name, address, telephone

to schoolboycleve_orders@yahoo.com

Our mailing address for submission:

C/o: AJ Jelani/ Administrator/Director
P.O. Box 40953
S.F. CA. 94140

For: Questions or Comments

The Legendary Schoolboy Cleve Harmonica musician from Louisiana starts first of its kind project called Take A Solider To Dinner. This project is dedicated to all American Soldiers fighting in Iraq. It is to show we care about our men and women in uniform, their families and to boost their moral, spirit and show love and support for them. It is not an endorsement of the war for or against, it is simply a way for us as American Citizens and a minority Black owned company to support our soldiers in this present warfare. It is not a government sponsored or supported effort. It is solely a personal commitment of the Cherrie Records Co. and its volunteer staff. The company, with the help of its staff, has pledged to contribute up to $100.00 (U.S. Dollars) per individual soldier and up to $300.00 per family for dinner on (a one time event per soldier family). We will try to serve as many people as possible. We would like support for our project from civilians and businesses to expand Take A Soldier To Dinner nationwide. Soldiers who have lost their lives in the war of Iraq, their direct family would also be eligible. This is a project that we all can be proud of and take part in as a nation.

Funds from the sale of the CD, South to West - Iron and Gold, are a major support of our project "Take A Soldier to Dinner". You may participate as co-sponsor in TAKE A SOLDIER TO DINNER with financial support.

Any person, company or firm can participate as co-sponsor by sending your financial support as co-sponsor of TAKE A SOLDIER TO DINNER to:

C/o: AJ Jelani - Administrator/Director
P.O. BOX 40953

With your financial support as co-sponsor, it enables us to service more military families in more cities and states.

Thank you for your support!

We make no other warranty expressed or implied, hold harmless. This is a registered project of Schoolboycleve.com and can not be duplicated in any form. All rights reserved. Your purchase of our products helps support our efforts but is not necessary to participate.


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