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Last of The Past!

Win Some Lose Some” is the title of this Special CD album. It was produced by Schoolboy Cleve and J.J. Malone especially for the Cherrie Records Company label in 2001.

This project was held by the Cherrie Records Co., for many years. Releasing this album was the last request of Schoolboy Cleve before his passing on February 5, 2008. He produced, engineered, and mastered this project. There will be no more!

The album appeals to the collectors and blues connoisseurs. It can never be duplicated, only imitated.

“You can dance or sit back and relax to sounds of J.J. Malone, the blues legend”.

The Story of J.J. Malone and Schoolboy Cleve
by AJ Jelani (son of Schoolboy Cleve)

This is my story of JJ Malone and Schoolboy Cleve. Two blues men of the South joined by music.

J.J. Malone the man, his music and relationship with Schoolboy Cleve. Mr. Malone was a man on a music mission. J. J. Malone was born August 20, 1935 in Decatur , Alabama and passed February 20, 2004.

With a piano in his hands he tickled the keys like Fats Domino, and rocked like the Rolling Stones. He sung the pain of the people of the south. His guitar had that rhythm and blues sound that reminded me of the hurt and pain of being down and out! Musicians of his era played to relieve stress and used music as hope for a way out of poverty and despair.

Opportunities were limited for black people in the south at that time. But with music, they could see a better tomorrow. This is the last of the past of Cherrie Records, Schoolboy Cleve productions, and his genius of music mastering and southern blues.

“Win Some Lose Some” Buy it now! A must have in your collection!

© 2004 - AJ JELANI. All Rights Reserved.