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Legendary SchoolBoy Cleve

Schoolboy Cleve was born to sing the blues born on June 10, 1925 in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana according to his military records; one of nine children.

Schoolboy Cleve out of Louisiana was most noticed for playing the Blues Harmonica (Horner). His style was of a "Swamp Blues" rock and roll nature with that foot patting back and forth southern Down Home Blues sound; it's awesome! If you can't rock with "Cleve" you can't rock!

Schoolboy Cleve got the name "Schoolboy Cleve" when he was a young child when musicians would come to town he would ask to play with them. When they would return to town they would ask "where is that little school boy;" because, he look so young. He learned how to play the harmonica from the legendary "Sonny Boy Williamson" and was fascinated by the way he kept time with his big feet when playing music. Schoolboy Cleve played around town in Louisiana all over New Orleans scene, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas. He could play the guitar, harmonica, footboard, all at the same time, a one man band as such, as a personal note he could play just about any instrument piano and others.

Schoolboy Cleve's first big break came. in 1954-55 when he recorded with the legendary "Lightnin' Slim" (Blues Guitar) in Crowley, Louisiana. studio. Together they recorded on Feature Records label a number of songs of which two were "Bad Feeling Blues" and "Lightnin' Slim Boogie" formerly "Schoolboy Cleve Boogie" Cleve said it's his song but Lightnin' liked the song so much it was named after Lightnin'. Cleve and Lightnin' Slim often shared materials of and with one another. They also recorded songs like "Ethel Mae", "Strange Letter Blues", "She's Gone", "I'm Him" ("Big Fat Mama" was the original name), and others. As best I can tell the story of the business end, Feature Records label was the original owner JD Miller, made a deal which resulted in Lightnin' to Excello Records label and Schoolboy Cleve to ACE Records label owner Mr. Johnny Vincent. During this time in 1957 "Beautiful, Beautiful love" and "My Baby Done Gone" were recorded. Schoolboy Cleve soon moved to California in 1960’s. With music in his blood, Schoolboy Cleve met KPOO -DJ, Mr. Tom Mazzolini performed the first San Francisco Bay Area Blues Festival, Ron Stewart Bay Area Blues Society Oakland, with 1986 Grammy Nominee Ron Thompson and recorded 1972 "My Heart Is Crying" Blues on Connoisseur Records.

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